The company

PERO-PRESS is specialized in hot pressing of non-ferrous metals such as brass, aluminum, copper and similar alloys, as well as in CNC machining.

In addition to its industry expertise, it is also a reliable partner in the development phase of product and an expert in materials and processes for the manufacture of components.

Thanks to PERO-PRESS, you can discover all the advantages of this technology. You can realize many of your projects with the help of qualified employees and in synergy with your reference team. With hot pressing technology you can optimize the manufacture of your components and ensure a high-quality production at a lower cost than with other technologies such as CNC turning and milling from solid material.

The company employs 30 people.

Corporate policies

PERO-PRESS is committed to the environment, safety and quality of work.

The success of a company is the sum of the measures that focus on product quality, customer service, compliance with environmental regulations and a good working environment. The company also wants to guarantee its employees a pleasant working environment. The company also wants to guarantee its employees a pleasant working environment.

As PERO-PRESS is a manufacturing industry, the disposal and separation of waste generated during the various production processes is very important.

Scrap from deburring or turning is taken back by companies specializing in material recycling and processed into new material. (e.g., brass)

The certificate from WRC Resources Company GmbH in Wurzen (Germany) certifies the proper and environmentally friendly disposal of the recovered pickling waste and confirms the continuous commitment to environmental safety.

PERO-PRESS also has a heat recovery system that supplies the entire building with heat and hot water all year round via the furnaces of the three rocker presses.

PERO-PRESS is also committed to honoring payment terms with its partners, this demonstrating responsibility and solvency. This commitment has been recognized by Dun & Bradstreet, which issues the corresponding certificate every year.


Education is particularly close to the heart of PERO-PRESS and has always been an important aspect of its activities.

It has been teaching young poly-mechanics, production mechanics and commercial employees for many years. At PERO-PRESS, these young people have the opportunity to learn all subjects and aspects of their profession, supported by experienced staff who can teach them the profession in the field.

It also supports, thanks to its cooperation with the AMETI teaching center in Bodio, continuing education in the mechanical engineering field, giving employees already in the company without training the opportunity to perfect their knowledge through day and evening courses.

Over the years, PERO-PRESS has also offered multi-month internships in the mechanical engineering branch to students from Swiss polytechnics and higher technical schools such as Supsi.