Hot pressing

The hot-pressing process guarantees significantly better mechanical properties than other processes such as die casting or machining.

This is mainly due to the composition of the internal structure of the material, which is deformed by following its plastic flow and is not interrupted, as is the case with die casting or machining, for example.

The main advantages:

  • Realizations of near-final or final component shapes

  • Shorter series production times

  • Less material added to the surfaces for finishing

  • Less material added to the surfaces for finishing

  • faster post-processing with CNC or transfer machines

  • Improved strength

With our rocker presses of up to 400 t, we can produce a wide range of components and materials for numerous applications.

CNC processing

As a manufacturer of hot-pressed products, we offer our customers a complete service with semi-finished or finished parts Thanks to our production line with automated CNC lathes and 4-axis CNC milling machines, we can carry out several machining operations simultaneously with precision to a hundredth of a millimeters.

We also manufacture prototypes and small series for third parties from non-ferrous alloys or even ferrous alloys, directly from the solid, without the hot forging process.

Manufacturing the moulds for hot-stamping and machining in our own workshop enables us to constantly improve productivity and flexibility.

Heat treatments

Heat treatment of metals refers to all processes that change certain structural and mechanical properties of a metal by utilizing the effect of heat.

Controlled heating cycles at specific temperatures combined with cooling cycles (air, oil, water) are able to modify the internal structure of a component by changing its main mechanical properties in favor of the purpose for which the heat treatment is made. We use special furnaces for heat treatment.

We make heat treatments (T4 and T6) of all components in the following alloys:

  • CuNi2Si
  • EN AW-6082, EN AW-6060 and EN AW-7075
  • as well as hot pressing and stamping tools and fixtures in steel 1.2343 or 1.2842

By manufacturing all the necessary equipment, ourselves, we are able to give these components all the mechanical properties required for their use.

Tumbling and sandblasting

We offer our customers a tumbling and sandblasting service.

Tumbling is a mechanical surface treatment with which residues of the substrate, in particular burrs from punching and hot-pressing processes, are mechanically removed with the aid of specific abrasives.

Sandblasting is a process in which the top layer of a material is removed by abrasion using a jet of sand and air. At the end of the process, the material has a different roughness depending on the size of the abrasive used and the pressure of the jet.

Assembly adn surface cleaning

A polishing department was opened in 2017.

Thanks to the specialists in the industry, the company offers ground or mirror-polished brass parts that can then be chrome or nickel-plated. This makes it possible to carry out all production steps in-house and shorten delivery times.

For customers who require our support during assembly, we have a separate department that deals with these processes.

Surface treatments

We offer our customers a wide range of surface treatments. Depending on the specific requirements of the component in question, we can supply our products with the following treatments:

  • Anodizing

  • Optalloy 2µm

  • Silver plating

  • Nickel plating

  • Tin plating

  • Gold plating

  • Chrome plating

  • Blue galvanized passivation

  • Satin plating

Our external partners have been selected over the years and are able to fulfil all our customers’ needs.

Machinery park

Hot forging presses

1 hot-forging press 9PS 400 t

1 hot-forging press 8PS 330 t

1 semi-automatic hot-forging press 8PS 330 t

Eccentric and hydraulic blanking machines

3 blanking machines

1 semi-automatic blanking machine

CNC machining department

5 CNC milling machines with 4th axes

1 CNC lathe with motorized tools

1 CNC lathe with double spindle, double turret with Y-axis and motorized tools with IEMCA robot


1 CNC milling machine with 4th axes

1 conventional milling machine

1 CNC lathe with double spindle, double turret with Y-axis and motorized tools

1 conventional lathe

1 die-sinking machine

1 surface grinding machine

1 metal band sawing machine

2 ovens for heat treatment of tools

Software program for toolmaking



1 Keyence VR5200 series 3D scanning tester

1 manual hardness tester

1 semi-automatic hardness tester

4 semi-automatic vertical testers


2 automatic metal circular saws

1 mini transfer

2 NC drills

8 drills

1 furnace for the heat treatment of aluminum, CuNi2Si and brass parts

2 pickling lines (for brass, aluminum, copper and copper alloys)

2 tumblers

2 sandblasting machines

Grinding and polishing of brass

4 grinding belt machines

2 bright polishing machines

1 polishing machine